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Quelques-uns des principaux sujets de Géoforum.

Bourse minéraux Sainte Marie aux Mines 2024, avec fossiles et gemmes.
Bourse minéraux et fossiles de Sainte Marie aux Mines (Alsace) - 26>30 juin 2024

in mémoriam : Denver show 2021

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Reçu hier :l
Dear Friend of the Denver Gem and Mineral Show,
You are receiving this notice because you generously made a commitment to our 2020 show as a speaker, exhibitor or both. Subsequently, Covid-19 clobbered society and led to our cancelling the show for 2020. In the wake of that disappointment, we turned with hope to carrying over our preparations for 2020 to 2021, hoping you would be able to join us with talks and exhibits. However, it would appear that, yet again, Fate has it in for the Denver Gem and Mineral Show.
With immeasurable regret, the 2021 Denver Gem and Mineral Show will be forced to cancel yet again. For the second year in a row, we have been impacted by forces beyond our control. This year our long-time venue, the Mart, has been placed in receivership awaiting sale in March. The Mart has consequently cancelled all events booked to begin after April 1.
Thank you for your participation in the Denver Show over the years. We were really hitting our stride with entertaining and professional presentations along with our stunning exhibits when the ax fell. We are undaunted in our optimism; we will actively pursue alternatives for resurrecting our presence in the Denver mineral, fossil and craft scenes.
Larry Havens, Exhibits Chair
For the Denver Gem and Mineral Show Committee
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