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Geology, mineralogy, and paleontology in English / Americain...

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"oeuf corse", it's a good idea, but i can't see what kind of subjects will be discussed ? The goal is to speak (write) in english, but we need to find attractive topics that have not yet been opened in french.

Or maybe i am mistaken ?

It's been a long, long time since i last had the opportunity to write in english, so i'm happy anyway. It might awake my sleeping brain.

So long.

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Coucou, l'idée est de poser ici, en anglais / américan des questions qui ne trouvent pas ou ont peu de chance de trouver une réponse en Français... Si vous souhaitez une info sur tel niveau de la mine 79 en Arizona, sur tel localité dans la Devon, trouver un contact dans tel club russe,...

Cet espace peu à terme permettre de nouer des relations et permettre des échanges avec des non francophones...

Cela démarrera doucement, je ferais le tour de mon carnet d'adresse pour faire connaître cette nouvelle rubrique...

A vous de vous l'approprier et de la faire vivre :geoforum:...

Amicalement, friendly, Théo'.

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Coucou, l'idée est de poser ici, en anglais / américan des questions qui ne trouvent pas ou ont peu de chance de trouver une réponse en Français

Does God exist ? God bless ya, no way to find an answer in French muahaha kind of joke, I was just laughing.

By the way, lovely idea my dear Theo, we shall lose nothing by waiting a subject ;)

See you later amercian guys.

take care !

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I find its a good idea, but I'll ask a stupid question :coucou!: :

1/Does geoforum can be seen in all of the world?

2/Does anybody in the world can sign in and speak with us on geoforum ?

1/Certainly, if they have Internet at home :sourire:

2/It is the goal of "Géoforum" ...speaking whith us and exchanging ideas...


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Sure it can be visited from all over the world, even from the bush of Australia...

Good idea this subject when you consider it's a lot easier for a non-English to write so-so English than for an English to write in whatever exotic foreign language (such as French). But it's up to them to decide if Geoforum is the best place to get information they are looking for. In my opinion the first place to get info about French mineralogy is Mindat, where you have a set of sub-forum for the main European languages.

But just think about one thing: how many of you visited Mindat message board to ask a question, even in French? It's the same thing, or possibly even worse, for people with English as mother tongue as they are used to have choice of English sites regarding whatever subject about whatever country all over the world. They prefer to stay in their dedicated forum where English is the main language. They will try to find another source of information, only if they have no other choice.

I don't think a lot of people outside French members will post in this subject. Anyway we can go on in posting messages: in the case of one of them visits the forum, even if he cannot understand one word of the other subjects, he can always have a fun with this one and mock the poor level of frenchies in English...


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ouai! Mehdi, ché ti ki a raison , et pourko pas in chti ? Cha ché enn bonn idée. Et mi euch peu toudi essayer d' mixer , mi ch'piss euch'glich. :coucou!: M'vl bin benach eud vir qu'in va r'mett eul chti à l'honneur. :clin-oeil:

Bon't worry :question: , dear friends, this language is a dialect of North of France, actually in fashion. :ye!:

I had begun with our friend from Ukraine who write better in english than in french, here is my message for him. Perhaps others will be interested...

Hi !

From Ukraine? What a good surprise! Amazing indeed! So if you want, y can send you scaned documents and all I have written about Pyrit and Marcasit, and I can give you the name and adress of a searcher of the university of Amiens who works about FeS2 naturals and artificials. Philippe Larcher Université Jules Verne Amiens France

I'm so sorry, you can't visit us in Stella plage: Mineral show with the best marcasits from Le Cap Blanc Nez, but I'll put on this Géoforum pictures.

cristals have 1,5cm edges!!!

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