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trading shark teeth

digging for it

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Hello everybody

My name is Patrick hendriks and i live in the Netherlands. I love collecting fossils especially shark teeth. I'm specialised in the genus Squalicorax (see my website www.patricksharkteeth.com ). I'm always trying to get new teeth of this specie. But i'm also interested in other shark teeth from all around the world. I was wondering if there is anyone out ther who would be interested in a trade. I've got several different species from all around the world. For example

C. hastalis

C. escheri

I. desori

G. contortus

G. aduncus

Lee Creek teeth

Bone valley teeth

If you are looking for something just mail me.

Pictures below are just a example of what i've got

post-7424-0-15111100-1297633838_thumb.jpC. hastalis

post-7424-0-85817700-1297633902_thumb.jpC. escheri (very fine serrations)

post-7424-0-61824400-1297634183_thumb.jpsome other stuff

Thanks for your answers


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hello patrick.

I don't speak English very well, my apologies.

What are you looking for teeth?

I have one tooth from the middle camapnian of Belgium . It's impossible (or very difficult) for find these teeth for sale !

I also have got a nice Hemipristis tooth from France (Savigné-s-lathan) on her matrix ...

Do you collect corolithe of sharks ? I have it from a very rare quarry in France . We also find here Ptychodus and shark teeth ( It's a turonian location)

I search these shark teeth :

- Squalicorax from kazakhstan

- Squalicorax africanus , kaupi , bassani and yangaensis from morocco .

- Squalicorax from France

- Lee creek teeth

I also like the two teeth on the picture ( Parotodus and Alopias)

Regards .


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Good evening.

For this tooth (Hemipristis) i'm interested in squalicorax from Kazakhstan of in a squalicorax bassani from morocco .

I'm also interested in Isurus Escherichia from Mill (see attached picture).

If you have other suggestions do no hesitate to let me know :sourire:

I have to look if I have other teeth to trade .


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Tell me what you want the most, or a S. bassani (perfect condition) or a C. escheri (perfect condition, but not the on ein the picture for the picture was just as a example for what i've got. this picture is from an early trade so i don't have that tooth anymore, but i will make some pictures to show you what you will be getting.

Just let me know if you want the S. bassani or the C. escheri, and i will make some pictures.

best regards Patrick

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Hello Fossileur

Here are some pictures fromC. escheri from Mill, the Netherlands. These teeth have all very fine serrations along there cutting edge. Sometimes these serrations are so hard to see that you can only feel them by rubbing your fingernail over the edge.

These are two light bleu teeth. These teeth are always nice to see. The only problem with them is that 99.5% has some damage to the rooth. The one on the right has some side cusps to


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Yes Fossileur

100%. I've collected all of these teeth myself. I know that a lot of these teeth look like C. hastalis. And sometimes it's very hard to see. because these teeth not always have serrations, and you can only recognize them from there carastiristic form or small side cusp. This one has very, very fine serrations. I can't capture them on foto. But when this tooth arrives at your home, you have to tild it slightly in the light, and than you will see the fine serrations.

And if your not satisfied, you can always send it back, and i sent you another one. OK?

I will put this light bleu one aside for you and sent you a personal message.

Thanks Patrick

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Hello Fossileur

I sent you a mail a few days ago that I already posted your tooth. Maybe something has gone wrong because i responded to your incomming message. So i'm posting this tread to let you know that your tooth is already on its way and should be at your place aroud friday. I don't know what went wrong, because i replied to you two times. Hope that everything is ok now and that you got my messages.

Best regards Patrick

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