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Géoforum est un forum de géologie, minéralogie, paléontologie, volcanologie et, plus généralement, un site dédié aux Sciences de la Terre et au patrimoine géologique. Les discussions s'organisent dans des espaces spécifiques, il existe un forum géologie, un forum minéraux, un forum fossiles, un forum volcans, etc. Une galerie de photos de minéraux ou de roches, de photos de fossiles, ou encore de sites géologiques ou de volcans permet de partager des albums. Il est possible de publier des offres d'emploi de géologue, ou des demandes d'emploi ou stage de géologues. Venez poser vos questions, partager vos connaissances, vivre votre passion !

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Coraux de l'Auversien

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Hi Elasmo! Specimens is very good preservation.

The first photo - Baroniseris or may be Cyathoseris, I think.

Very well seen protocorallit from which the colony began to grow.

The second photo - polygonal corallites and pore structure between corallites, I think it Goniopora.

Lobopsammia-very good specimen.

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Hi Elasmo!

The first and second specimens belong to the fam. Faviidae.

The first specimen was difficult to say. Gemmation not inside the cup,so it can be Tarbellastraea. Need to see a longitudinal view,it is crucial at identification coral.

The second specimen exactly Favia,as indicated by gemmation inside the cup.

The third specimen,I think Stylocoenia. Although sept should be twelve in Stylocoenia, but maybe there are exceptions.

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Hi Elasmo!

T.distorta, wonderful specimens!

Number 9, I think that no,other structure,columella elongated,large dissepiments.

Number 10, Stylocoenia possible.

Number 11, very nice specimen Baroniseris.

Mery sur Oise(2002).

Number 1 and 7,Stylocoenia wonderful specimens.

Number 3- Astraeopora.

Number 9, Axopora(Millepora) - Hidrocorallia. Here I see septa in corallites. Think this is fragment Acropora.

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