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Géoforum est un forum de géologie, minéralogie, paléontologie, volcanologie et, plus généralement, un site dédié aux Sciences de la Terre et au patrimoine géologique. Les discussions s'organisent dans des espaces spécifiques, il existe un forum géologie, un forum minéraux, un forum fossiles, un forum volcans, etc. Une galerie de photos de minéraux ou de roches, de photos de fossiles, ou encore de sites géologiques ou de volcans permet de partager des albums. Il est possible de publier des offres d'emploi de géologue, ou des demandes d'emploi ou stage de géologues. Venez poser vos questions, partager vos connaissances, vivre votre passion !

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Livre sur les minéraux français
Livre sur les minéraux français.


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  1. Hello Alain, something news about the Quartz in the galery in Luxembourg, i´m really interesting to see this monster!! I think i know where your speciems was found, there is a old and very big cleft in the vineyard.. Do you know where i can see this big 45 cm Speciem?? Thanks Best regards, Thomas
  2. Hello Alain, i also sorry, i read your answer until now.. 22 cm??? wow, that is a really big alpine like Quartz!!! Do you have a picture of these?? I´m really interested! Yes i know this 3 locations, but this big quarry is not visible (fenced in). My founds with this phantoms are from the quarry near the Chateau Sierck, but today its hard to find there something... This exhibition at MNHL is also interesting for me, when it started?? I live not far from Luxembourg town (1 hour drive...) Thanks! Thomas
  3. .. and now a piece with small Calcite xls up to 5 mm from Waldwisse(57)...
  4. more from the old carriere of Sierck: a nice thumbnail with a clear, 4 cm large xl then nice xls up to 4 cm on speciem and at least a speciem of 6 cm large with a phantome-Quartz on it
  5. Bounjour, sorry i not speak French, but this forum is very interesting.... Sorry i`ll write in English, if i use a translator from German to French the results are not very good to understand.. I´m living in Germany not very far avay of the Lorraine (Dept. 57) and so i have some minerals from there to show you, too. The last posting minerals are also very nice, special the Quartzes from Sierck-les-Bains and Contz-les-Bains. I also have some speciems from there.. but not so good as the findings 20 - 30 years ago. Do you know how large the biggest Quartzes are??? __________ So, here my pics: first a about 3 cm large clear Quartz with phantoms of Chlorite/hematite inside from the old carriere of Sierck-les-Bains then a single small Quartz xl but with nice green phantom from the same place, 2 cm large
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