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Saxony Mining Academy Hosts Huge Exhibition of Rare Specimens

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Saxony Mining Academy Hosts Huge Exhibition of Rare Specimens

Terra Mineralia : October 28–November 2

Mineral enthusiasts will have six days to view a remarkable exhibition of specimens later this month. “Terra Mineralia,” which is to be mounted by the famous Technical University of Freiberg in Saxony, “presents for the first time the world’s largest private mineral collection of Swiss foundress Dr. Erika Pohl Ströher”.

The collection, amassed over 60 years of collecting, will be on permanent loan in Germany due to the efforts of Prof. Georg Unland, currently Minister of Finance of Saxony.

More than 5,000 minerals, jewels, and meteorites will be displayed in what organizers are calling “a mineralogical voyage around the world.” Indeed, four continent halls—Africa, Europe, America, and Asia—are being filled with over 140 custom-built showcases. Two thirds of the specimens in the exhibition will have no duplicate on display, according to an August 1 press release.

En gros, un, ou plutôt une des plus importantes collectionneuses au monde, Erika Pohl Ströher, prête de manière permanante au musée de minéralogie de l'Ecole des Mines de Freiberg en Allemagne sa collection absolument remarquable constitutée depuis 60 ans.... Une partie est déjà présenté du 28 octobre au 2 novembre, à voir...

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